PACE stands for Property Assessed Clean Energy

Homeowners looking for a financial solution to expensive home improvement repairs, upgrades and replacements, FloridaPACE might be right for you. PACE stands for Property Assessed Clean Energy — an energy conservation and hurricane protection funding agency that assists homeowners with expensive but necessary, property projects.We work with both residential and commercial property owners to provide them with a financial payment plan they feel confident in because, at Florida PACE, we believe you should never feel pressured or rushed into the wrong financial decision.Repair or replace Hundreds of projects qualify for Florida PACE funding, but we most commonly work with property owners looking to , roofing, hurricane protection (such as shutters), windows, doors and more.What Are Some Signs I May Need an HVAC Repair or Replacement?Are you facing challenges with your home’s temperature or air quality? It might be time to consider an HVAC repair or replacement.Recognizing the signs and taking action are key to maintaining a comfortable and sustainable living space. Here are some indicators that your HVAC system may need attention: Inconsistent Cooling: Uneven cooling in your home might point to ductwork problems or insufficient insulation. Poor Performance: An HVAC unit struggling may indicate electrical or thermostat malfunctions. Decreased Efficiency: A less cold air conditioner could signal clogged filters or compressor issues..

  • Struggling with Your HVAC Unit? Discover How Florida PACE Can Help.

    If your Florida HVAC system is underperforming in cooling your home, Florida PACE funding has a financial solution you can count on. Simply finance your heating and cooling upgrades over time at a fixed rate (and no, you won’t have to worry about your credit score to qualify).

    This method provides a more manageable approach to maintaining your home’s comfort, avoiding the high costs and variable interest rates associated with credit cards and other financing alternatives.